The Highland cows, pigs, goats or a horse always waiting for treats are an incredible attraction.
It is also important that KALEX is located only 15km from Bytów.

Bytów is a town whose history dates back to the turn of 7th – 8th century.
A trademark of this town is the Teutonic knights castle divided into a museum, a hotel and a restaurant.
In Bytów there are many events (knights tournaments), shows, exhibitions and interesting meetings organised for the tourists and inhabitants.
There is always something going on in this town.
5 km from KALEX there is a town Parchowo, which is more than 750 years old and has a Neo-Romanesque church an old cemetery dating from the 19th century. You are perhaps intrigued by the name KALEX… let us explain that it comes from the names of our daughters: Karolina and Alexandra.

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